Monday, October 25, 2010

How time flies!!

I really cannot believe this year is almost gone! Time flies by when you're having fun. Chris & I just stare at Grace and talk about how quickly it goes and how she is changing daily. She has the funniest expressions and is so animated and a drama queen! She is such a constant joy to us, even when she's displaying those lovely terrible two's. So many things are changing with her, that I don't even know where to begin. Of course if I would update the blog more, I wouldn't be stressing over that! Gracie is a chatterbox and her vocabulary is huge. Now you might not understand it all, but she tries real hard to get you to. She loves to dance, is very much into Barney and choo choo (never thought I'd miss The Wonder Pets), will sing along to songs (although in her own language), and just giggles like crazy when she spins and rolls. Thor is her constant companion, and we'll find him letting her chase him more now. As much as he has tried to resist, he loves her 100%. Chris will go to tickle her and he goes in front of her to make sure she's not being attacked. What a good protector! Grace has also taken a major liking to airplanes. She went to her first airshow with Chris and his mom (MiMi, as she nows calls her, but we're still trying for Gammy-sorry Linda)! I didn't get to go because I had my first official girls weekend away from her, as I went to Vegas with my wonderful friend Heather (yes, I cried when she left with daddy that morning and cried when I got back to her)! Uncle Chase came home from Japan, so we look forward to lots of visits from him (hint, hint)! We also welcomed a new addition to the family. Carrie & Matt had sweet Taylor, and we cannot wait to meet her! Grace can point at her pics and say her name, so now we're ready for the real thing! Enough of my chatter, here's some new pics! I can't promise, but I'm going to yet again try very hard to update more, and post more pics. Anyone that knows me well knows, I take an obnoxious amount of pics, so I have plenty to share! p.s. Yes I realize she still has her paci...I'm weak and she loooooves them so!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Summer Days!

Today Gracie had her first shot at the outdoor sprinkler and she LOVED it! We found a fabulous ball sprinkler (right up her ball lovin alley) and she thought that was completely awesome. She kept saying ball and water and squealing with delight! She played for a bit and then all of a sudden she was stripping off her water diaper and t-shirt and became naked sprinkler girl! We had a great time, and Chris also liked that this sprinkler watered the yard better than the normal yard sprinklers. Hope yall had a great day, too!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

5 hrs on road with a 2 yr old....WHEW!!!

This weekend Chris played in a golf tournament with his bosses. Since it was close to Dallas area, Gracie and I tagged along for some Nana and Colpa time! Did I mention how enjoyable it is to travel with a 2 yr old......NOT!!! She slept the last 10-15 minutes of the drive there, and then when we got there she remained crashed on me till it was time to go into the crib. Well, lets just say it took a while to get her down and poor Chris had to get up at 5am to leave for the tournament. 1230 a.m. and the house was calm so off to bed we all went. They did great in the tournament and we had a fun time at the Taste of Addison, a festival of sorts. It was very hot and humid, which wore me and Gracie out (see pic to follow of us both crashed for an afternoon nap), but was nice to spend time with my parents! Gracie had a blast with her Nana and Colpa and got to chase the kitties and watch the ducks that daily fly into my parents pool to swim and hang out. Gracie had so much fun with the ball Nana got her and she has decided her Colpa is very funny!

Before we left Gracie enjoyed her very first ice cream cone. Didn't realize she hadn't had the cone before, because she has definitely eaten her share of ice cream. I of course had to grab the camera for some pics. She shared with everyone, including Thor (another reason he's getting porky)!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Elizabeth Grace Cox, 2 yrs old!!!!

Yes, it's been a while, but I feel I'll be getting better at keeping the blog updated. Since I've last posted I've gotten a new job that doesn't require me to work evenings or weekends and no on call, so I'll have more time on my hands! Yeah!!! Grace has also turned 2, and we had a blast at her birthday party. Chris & I also celebrated on her actual birthday by taking her to Olive Garden (she loves that place), ice cream at Baskin Robbins and a trip to Toys R Us to pick out one present. She of course picked out a ball, her favorite thing in the world. That is why her birthday party theme was balls. We've slowly started getting honey do's around the house done, now that we have more time, and I am of course adding just as many things to the list, as things that go off it! We've put a halt on the remodel to the garage for a bit, as our contractor is booked for a while, and we really feel comfortable with him doing the work. Grace is saying MANY more words and starting to put words together, but even when you cannot understand her she is babbling away! She is in LOVE with my I-Phone, and knows how to work it better than I do. She loves music and likes to twirl now. She grabs your finger and drags you where she wants to's her world and she just allows us to live in it! She's become more lovable with Thor, and he appreciates that. He can still get higher than her if needed, and we totally understand why he might have to do that. Grace loves to be outside and blow bubbles, throw and kick her balls, play on her random assortment of toys outside, and chase Thor. The changing table left her room, as Chris found her sitting on top of it one day. We realize her climbing days will only get worse and the crib will follow soon, but fingers crossed so far so good! She loves to take pictures, I let her use my old camera and she holds it out in front of her and says cheese. I guess she's seen us do that a time or two. Gracie has also gotten to see her Uncle Chase as he was on leave from Marines and came in from Japan to surprise Chris. She also got to see her Aunt Carrie who traveled to Texas for a wedding. She is due in July, and we cannot wait to meet baby Taylor! Grace has discovered crayons are great for creating masterpieces on the wall (thank goodness for the magic eraser), has mastered the "who, me?" expression, is full of different facial expressions that are all so silly, and is just our wild child! Life is good at the Cox house, just day to day activities and laughing at Gracie constantly! I'll work on updating the blog weekly, fingers crossed!